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Early Years
I was born and raised in Barron County, WI in the village of Almena, WI,(pop.450). Being the last of 5 kids in a musical family I'm told I was picking out one finger tunes on the piano while sitting on Mom’s lap even before my "singing debut" on stage as a 3 yr old. While taking piano lessons from 2nd to 5th grades my oldest brother bought a spinet organ and by age 10, I started playing the pipe organ in our church, & doing private parties and radio shows until starting my first steady weekend gig in a hotel dining room in Rice Lake WI at age 15. Summers found me playing 6 nights a week plus church services. This weekly routine continued until I graduated from Barron Area High School.

- Go Barron Bears!
- University Years
- U.S. Army - Panama and Beyond
- First Registered Music Therapist in Omaha NB
- From Sea to Shining Sea
- California and Beyond
- Music Does It! LLC
- Third Thursdays at Three!
- It's Happening in Tucson AZ!
- It's for YOU!

Go Barron Bears!
High school was a musical joy. Those experiences in Marching and Concert Band, Choir and vocal ensembles were real highlights for me. Of course hearing such great student singers around the piano when I would jam out before band and choir classes were always fun. In my senior year, I was honored at being given the lead in the "The Music Man". It was so great performing with so many terrific friends. Even greater was the consistent caring attitude of all the High School teachers, staff and students. Another blessing to add to the list.
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University Years
At University of WI – Eau Claire, complete with a scholarship paying all my private piano and voice lessons, I majored in Music Therapy. My parents invested in my college education by gifting me a Hammond B3 organ and Leslie 122 speaker so I could make the rest of my way through college. It worked. In addition to singing in all of the university's choral ensembles each semester, I passed an audition for the European Choir tour, three Summer weeks performing in London, Paris, Rome, Nuremberg and Geneva.

After my full time six months internship at Kalamazoo State Hospital I became a Registered Music Therapist with a Bachelors of Music – Therapy degree just in time to report for my mandatory induction into the U.S. Army.(I held lottery number 95 in the last yr. of the draft when WI drafted numbers 1 thru 95!)
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U.S. Army- Panama and Beyond!
Starting in Fort Knox KY I completed Basic Training by becoming the recipient of the American Spirit of Honor Medal and trophy, complete with having to give a speech for my graduating class and families. After being sent to Panama as a clerk typist, I was recruited by the commander of the 79th Army Band based on Fort Amador. My MOS (Military Occupational Specialty) became "Piano Player". Within 18 months I had performed in Guatemala, Honduras, Venezuela, Columbia Bolivia, Ecuador, Costa Rica and throughout Panama. Upon my honorable discharge I received the U.S Dept. of the Army Certificate of Appreciation for my volunteer work with the Balboa, Panama Community Youth Center and the Chaplain's program organizing military families' youth into a music group for exchange performances with youth of Panamanian churches who would visit and perform for our group in the Canal Zone.
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First Registered Music Therapist in Omaha NB
As a "new civilian", my first post Army job was at a short term mental hospital in Omaha where I was "music specialist" in the Activity Dept. I led a wide variety of activities as scheduled, and also filled doctor's prescriptions for Music Therapy when called upon. Eventually I set out to fulfill my goal of working full time in my music therapy specialty. In the meantime I returned to what paid my university tuition... entertaining.
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From Sea to Shining Sea
Performing from coast to coast in Panama was easy with coasts approx. 20 miles apart. Satisfying my love for travel I set a goal to work from coast to coast in America. It happened. I worked coastal resorts in Florida, traveling and working summers in the Colorado Rockies, ending up playing quaint settings in the Pacific Northwest before becoming the seasonal resident entertainer for an ocean front resort in Oregon.
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California and Beyond
Lake Tahoe In California I played some of the newest luxury hotels and restaurants in Palm Springs, Carlsbad, San Diego, Los Angeles and Century City. Being the lobby pianist at the St Regis Hotel during the Oscar party for the movie "Chicago" was an unforgettable experience. From California, I returned to home state WI as resident pianist at the Lake newest resort with a private lake and two golf courses. It was a grand experience entertaining a mix of audiences including personal friends. After almost two years I returned to California for my first experience working North and South Lake Tahoe and the quaint new Village at Squaw Valley USA, home of the Winter Olympics of the '60s.
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Music Does It! LLC
I found that “full time” Music Therapy position. It was in my own company, "Music Does It!" LLC. Since 2015 I have served associations and agencies and both non-profit and for profit corporations with contracted services for their special needs clients from disabled adults to kids with Autism. It is truly a blessing to see the power of music at work to change lives for good.
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Third Thursdays at Three!
Contracted as Music Therapist, for the newest music school in Torrance CA, I taught Autistic kids and for 21 months in a row, was “musical host” of “Interactive Senior Jams”. Seniors from the whole city of Torrance CA were invited to listen, laugh, play, and overall feel good about getting out from the Care Centers across from the Salvation Army Community Center or their personal houses to socialize, play percussion & sing to the lyrics on the screen, all to live music. Guest performers included a retired 92 yr old opera singer and 94 yr old Veteran leading patriotic songs.
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It's Happening in Tucson AZ!
Currently, I’m playing occasional gigs at the newest Jazz club in Tucson AZ while spending lots of time in my recently purchased commercial building that will serve as a community resource center.

This is where my music therapy and entertainment experiences are coming together as I work toward serving Senior and Special Needs communities. Resource activities will include therapeutic and recreational group activities, training staff for conducting helpful music activities for their clients, and producing on-line and in-person wellness and recreation resources aimed towards our esteemed Senior and Special Needs Communities.

Well abled persons may participate in life enriching groups according to their age and interests . I call it my “Senior Project” to help me keep activated! It’s definitely working!
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It's for YOU!
Any special musical interests you may have? Age is no barrier! All are welcome. I look forward to serving you. Contact me here to let me know how I may serve you best! In the meantime, just remember... Music DOES It!™
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