Professionalism and Expertise at your SERVICE!

  You may ask, "What do I do"? The answer depends on who's asking the question.

Resort & Hotel, Food and Beverage Directors LOVE when I "drive people to drink" or return time after time! I enjoy making guests feel at home as I consider each setting I work to be my personal living room. Especially easy to do when booked as resident entertainer on a seasonal or yearly basis.

Wellness Event Presentation Planners who have a health & wellness message to convey find my university music therapy degree and clinical experience alongside my entertainment experience to matter most. Be it a career day class, association or corporate special needs support groups, or an audience of hundreds, when the topic is related to the power of music and humor to enrich living, I like "packing a memorable punch" by producing a mix from tender emotions to hearty laughter. Its fun making "why and how" theory understandable using on the spot experiences to communicate the desired message followed up with "take home techniques".

"Musically" Speaking! Whatever you hire a speaker to convey; my mission is to help you hit your mark. I enjoy sharing my true stories, original or custom written songs, improvisational humor and vast experiences. Using your choice of live or recorded music to punctuate and highlight the speech improves the memorable impact.

Corporate Performing Arts Center Entertainment Buyer? It's YOUR show! When it's time to have good clean fun, music and laughs, I enjoy working with you to custom design an exuberant show to top off your event with a standing ovation. Our options include music your audience loves, and comic options ranging from your audience's "surprise guests" or the entire audience furnishing "vocal percussion” and more. It's your choice when it comes to comic characters introduced and appearing live between musical numbers delivered from the piano "and then some" of multi-instruments! My satisfaction guarantee rests in your approval of the final video well ahead of show time!


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